Any advice given in this blog is an educated opinion. PlayHardGetFit is not a doctor.

Do not begin a workout program without first consulting a doctor. Any changes made to your fitness or nutrition routine should be first reviewed by your doctor.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented is correct.
However, this information is not intended as professional medical advice nor as recommendations, neither should it be interpreted as the practice of medicine nor as offer of medical advice.

PlayHardGetFit tries to give you the most current, science based information but it is important to note that not everything presented is fact. Opinions of the author, researchers, other fitness and medical professionals may be presented.

All workouts, written or video, are PlayHardGetFit original works. If completing any of these workouts, written or video, the reader/viewer takes full responsibility for an injuries or issues that may arise while completing that exercise.

PlayHardGetFit does not receive any money or endorsements from the recommendations made.

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