The Best Place to Start is the Beginning!

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Entry number 1! The best place to start is at the beginning.

Everything our eyes absorb started as a culmination of ingredients and efforts, including ourselves. We Are What We Absorb. Sunlight. Nutrients. Information. Experiences. Your body responds to the information you give it directly and indirectly. OK, you just ran a mile on the treadmill. You have directly told your body its time to burn calories, release endorphins, increase the heat, increase the sweat, oxygen and blood flow, and be ready for the rest of the workout

This blog is here for you to arm yourself with the materials to get moving! I’m here to make you think about what your current fitness status is doing for you and your goals. Your future self will thank you for taking the initiative. Choosing to make changes to your wellness status will positively impact every single aspect of your life.

I want to jump feet first into what changes you see for yourself and your body. I want to dissect the pitfalls in your diet, road blocks in motivation, and the abyss that was once your workout plan. Even the most elite athletes, avid triathletes, and extreme gym junkies get in a funk and need a reboot. That’s why I’m here! To put a foot in your rear and get you back in gear! To jump start what you haven’t started or stuck with. To sift through the clutter that is the fitness industry and bring you real information the way your body really works.

The outcome of your comfort zone is staying comfortable. Moving out of that comfortable place allows for movement, growth, change and achievement. These are all things necessary to reach weight loss/gain goals, break personal records, and succeed at that new activity, pose, or move you’ve been wanting to conquer.

I am excited that you are along for this ride with me. I want to share my energy and passion and hope you absorb the info that will benefit you the most! I also want you to enjoy reading something that brings positivity and inspiration to the forefront.

Play Hard, Get Fit.